Eee PC S101 costs $699, touch-screen Eees coming

We have a double-whammy of Eee PC news for you today. First of all, we noted a report this week that said Asus' Eee PC S101—a thinner, more stylish cousin of the 10.1" Eee PC 1000 netbook—could cost as little as $500 in the United States. Well, Asus has gotten in touch with us directly, and it says the system will actually be priced at $699 when it comes out in the States on November 1.

The $699 price tag will make this netbook a hundred bucks more expensive than the Eee PC 1000 40G, which has more storage capacity and a beefier battery, albeit at the cost of a greater weight and thicker enclosure. Asus reportedly aims the Eee PC S101 at business types who seek style more than value, though, so keeping the system affordable may not have been a priority.

In other Eee-related news, DigiTimes reports that Asus will unveil Eee PCs with touch screens in the first quarter of next year. The firm supposedly needs to work out details and configurations still, but we could get a glimpse of the machines at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January 2009. Along with the touch-screen Eees, Asus is cooking up netbooks with dual-core Atom processors and an Eee PC with a price tag below $10,000 TWD ($308 U.S.). The latter will show up some time next year, DigiTimes says.

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