Apple confirms October 14 launch date for new MacBooks

Amid the chatter of tech and gadget news, bloggers and industry analysts have been repeating one specific date these past few weeks: October 14. As we reported in September, that's the date Mac fan-sites said Apple would introduce its new batch of notebooks.

Those people were right on the money, it seems. Ars Technica reports that Apple has handed out media invitations for an event at its headquarters on October 14 (at 10:00 AM PDT). Those invites show a beam of light striking a MacBook lid with the mention, "The spotlight turns to notebooks" right under it, so it's pretty clear what's going to happen.

That leaves the question of what the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros will have to offer. Recent reports have suggested that Apple will manufacture the new laptops' enclosures with a space-age process involving lasers, water jets, and solid blocks of aluminum. Previous stories also hint that the new MacBooks will couple Intel mobile processors with Nvidia integrated graphics chipsets.

Interestingly, a post on The Inquisitr says Apple could price new MacBooks as low as $800. Reportedly, Apple has sent U.S. retailers a list with 12 price points that lie between $800 and $3,100. Current MacBooks start at $1,099, so Apple's new machines could be considerably more affordable. Oh, and The Inquisitr has also posted a handful of blurry "spy shots" depicting what could be next-gen MacBook enclosures.

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