Seagate is hard at work on SSD endurance

Five months ago, Seagate's CEO revealed that his company would start selling enterprise solid-state drives in 2009. Seagate will likely have no trouble seducing corporate IT managers with demonstrations of SSD performance, but as CNet News reports, the company might have a harder time convincing those folks that SSDs are reliable in the long run.

Seagate has no illusions about that potential hurdle, and it's already working on standards for SSD endurance. Says Seagate Marketing Development Senior Manager Rich Vignes, "There isn't really a clear way of describing endurance or life expectancy of a solid-state drive. So, we're working on that as an industry standard [through JEDEC]." Formerly known as the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council, JEDEC already develops and issues standards for system memory.

In addition to working with standards bodies, Seagate plans to use some its own special sauce to make sure its SSDs last. Vignes mentioned, "Some of the skills we've picked up along the way, to deal with imperfect media, has applicability to dealing with imperfect media on NAND." The company's efforts could spur the industry as a whole, too. "As companies like Seagate start to demonstrate field-proven reliability and endurance in enterprise applications, we'll overcome those (solid-state drive) endurance fears," he added.

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