Deal of the week: The GeForce GTX 260 non-reloaded

As we've established in our review, Nvidia's new-and-improved "GeForce GTX 260 reloaded" performs well enough to come shoulder-to-shoulder with AMD's finest single-GPU offerings. That's all well and good, but GTX 260 "Reloaded" prices currently hover around the $300 mark, which is a little out of many folks' budgets.

Luckily, the arrival of these new cards has pushed the "old" GeForce GTX 260 down the price ladder a little. Newegg currently sells an MSI GeForce GTX 260 for $240 before shipping, and shoppers willing to try their luck in the great mail-in-rebate lottery can get an extra $40 off. In other words, you could walk away with this card for just over $209 after shipping. That's a fine deal for a GPU that still performs admirably in the latest games.

For those who don't trust mail-in rebates, we'd suggest this Diamond Radeon HD 4870 instead. Newegg sells this card for $250 with free shipping (about the same as the MSI GTX 260 after shipping), and although it doesn't offer a mail-in rebate, the 4870 should outperform the "old" GTX 260 a little overall.

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