Saturday Shortbread


  1. Intel cut to sell rating in face of 'perfect storm'
  2. TheStreet reports AMD's ex-CEO set for nice payout (thanks pdjblum)
  3. Apple shares surge, investors like valuation
  4. Apple set to release $800 notebook
  5. PC Perspective on Apple and Nvidia: MacBooks with GeForce chipsets are nearly here
  6. Engadget: new MacBooks to be based on Nvidia GeForce 9400 / 9300 chipsets?
  7. Yahoo reports Apple will fix MacBook Pros with faulty Nvidia chips
  8. Register Hardware reports Toshiba launches latest MacBook Air beater
  9. Asus launches self-designed graphics cards with Dark Knight fansink and luxurious components
  10. Fudzilla reports 450mm fabs coming in 2017
    and AMD to abandon SOI after 45nm
  11. Nordic Hardware: back at Intel, overclocking startling
  12. Engadget reports SteelSeries WoW MMO gaming mouse
    makes wasting your life that much easier
  13. BurnOutPC posts exclusive photos of an unnamed Raidmax chassis
  14. reports Japanese scientists develop long-life Flash
  15. TorrentFreak reports court deems Pirate Bay block illegal
  16. HardwareZone's Iron Tech 2008: Thailand semi-finals
  17. Computing on Demand has a bunch of giveaways
Software and gaming

  1. Linux kernel 2.6.27 released
  2. Mandriva Linux 2009 released
  3. Microsoft expected to release Silverlight 2 next week
  4. Before Dark's Nvidia driver comparison: 178.13 vs. 178.15
  5. TG Daily: will Microsoft's Xbox 360 kick the Apple TV out of your living room
  6. PCWorld reports Microsoft sues DHL after train dumps 21,600 Xboxes
  7. Gamasutra reports from Blizzcon: StarCraft II to release as trilogy of games
  8. Steam: save $5 when you pre-purchase Far Cry 2
    and Steam client update released
  9. Shacknews on video games to be released next week
  10. Hardware Canucks have Crysis Warhead hardware performance review
  11. TestFreaks review Crysis Warhead
  12. Shacknews has Diablo 3 & Dead Space hands-on impressions
    and Diablo 3: The Wizard's Talent Trees unveiled
  13. I4U reviews Spore (PC)
  14. Ars Technica reviews terrorist propaganda games
Systems and storage

  1. reviews Toshiba Satellite Pro A300D notebook (AMD Puma)
  2. AnandTech reviews Überclok Reactor: balanced performance
  3. Hard Tecs 4U takes Core 2 power measurements - no chance for AMD? (in German)
  4. [H] Enthusiast's MSI Eclipse X58 sneak peek (video)
  5. Madshrimps review DFI LANParty DK P45-T2RS Plus
  6. CPU3D reviews DFI LANParty JR P45-T2RS
  7. BIOS reviews MSI P45 Diamond
  8. Sharky Extreme reviews 2GB Corsair XMS3 PC3-12800 memory kit
  9. Tech ARP reviews 300GB Western Digital VelociRaptor
  10. Hardware Secrets has 500GB hard disk drives roundup
Multimedia, power, case, and cooling

  1. Ultimate Hardware reviews Gainward Radeon HD 4870
  2. Overclockers Online reviews Samsung T240 24" widescreen LCD monitor
  3. Big Bruin reviews I-Rocks RF-6572 2.4GHz wireless keyboard mouse combo
  4. Playit3D reviews Razer Salmosa gaming mouse
  5. BurnOutPC reviews Everglide DKTBoard
  6. XSReviews on 500W Silver Power SP-SS500 PSU
  7. Björn3D reviews Tagan A+ Seenium case
  8. Technic3D reviews Thermolab Micro and Nano Silencer (in German)
  9. Tweaknews reviews Gelid GC-1 thermal compound
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