Eee motherboard, all-in-one Eee coming soon

Like some kind of plastic-and-silicon bacterial culture, Asus' Eee PC lineup is growing rapidly and gaining new tiny laptops seemingly every other week. Asus has a couple of new mutations in store, though. DigiTimes reports that the company is still planning all-in-one desktop Eee PCs, and it will add an Eee motherboard to the mix in the first quarter of 2009.

That second move would mirror MSI's strategy, which involved announcing both a Wind desktop and a Wind motherboard earlier this year. DigiTimes doesn't mention any specifics, but the Eee motherboard could similarly be a retail version of the board that powers Asus' Eee Box B202 desktop.

Also, DigiTimes says Asus is cooking up 16" and 19" Eee Top all-in-one systems. We've seen pictures of these before, and as it happens, one has already become available for pre-order from British online retailer The retailer charges £400 ($690), although DigiTimes suggests the system will actually cost $450 in the United States.'s spec sheet says this "Eee Top" has an Intel Atom CPU, a gig of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, 802.11n Wi-Fi, a 15.6" wide-screen display, and Windows XP Home Edition pre-installed. Apparently, expects the machine to become available on November 20.

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