Antec's Skeleton comes out of the closet

If you were reading TR last summer, you might have noticed early reports about Antec's Skeleton. Well, Antec dropped us a line earlier this afternoon saying it has finally released the enclosure into the wild.

The word "enclosure" is kind of a misnomer, really, because the Skeleton houses components in a hollow, layered frame with a large, 250mm fan at the top. That design makes the Skeleton the "first open air enclosure" to ever hit the consumer market, according to Antec. Rather than repeat ourselves, we'll let the company dive into the specifics:

The 13''(H) x 14.8''(W) x 16.5''(D) sized enclosure fits Mini ITX, MicroATX and Standard ATX motherboards. For enhanced flexibility in system integration, the enclosure boasts a layered tray design and four quick release drive bays, including two 5.25'' and two 3.5'' bays as well as four optional 3.5'' side panel-mounting plates. Seven expansion slots contain room for up to three 11'' video cards in SLI configuration, enabling gamers and high-performance enthusiasts to get the most from their high end machines. Convenient front mounted USB 2.0, FireWire and eSATA ports allow for easy multimedia connections. Additionally, there are Audio I/O ports in the front, compatible with AC97' and HDA.

The Skeleton also has a 92mm auxiliary fan to cool the hard drives, and it lets users adjust both the fan speed and the illumination of the 250mm monster fan at the top. Oh, and Antec boasts that the case has an "0.8mm cold rolled steel-reinforced plastic frame and rackmount quality side rails." You probably wouldn't want this thing to house your home-theater PC, but overclockers, testers, and those who want their components on permanent display may feel differently.

According to Antec, the Skeleton is already selling at $189.95 through major retailers—both online and off. Newegg already has the case in stock, although it charges $179.99 plus $23.34 shipping for a total of $203.33.

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