Department of Justice closes AMD, Nvidia probe

In December 2006, the U.S. Department of Justice subpoenaed both AMD and Nvidia as part of an antitrust probe into the graphics processor market. A class-action lawsuit filed a few days later accused the two companies of colluding to keep graphics card prices artificially inflated, suggesting the DOJ inquiry had a similar focus.

Nearly two years later, AMD and Nvidia say the DOJ has concluded its investigation without taking action against either party. AMD's press release bears the unambiguous title, "AMD Confirms U.S. Department of Justice Has Closed Its Antitrust Investigation of the Graphics Industry With No Action." Meanwhile, Nvidia echoes in its own statement, "No specific allegations were made against the Company during the investigation."

The two firms probably can't say the same about the class-action lawsuit. As we reported last month, Nvidia offered to settle for almost a million bucks in total. AMD may also have to contribute $850,000 to a $1.7-million pool that will go to unhappy GPU buyers.

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