400W Corsair PSU beckons penny-pinching enthusiasts

We all love the high efficiency and noise-reduction features of top-of-the-line enthusiast power supplies, but not everybody wants to pay over $100 to power their computer—especially not folks who don't have very demanding systems. After trying its hand with more upscale PSUs over the past couple of years, Corsair has now tackled the low end of the market with a 400W consumer model.

The CX400W is launching with a $60 suggested retail price and a three-year warranty, which puts it in a similar league as offerings from Seasonic and FSP Group. Corsair says its new unit has greater-than-80% efficiency, active power-factor correction, and a thermally controlled 120mm fan. In other words, it should run cool and quiet without too much unnecessary power draw.

Taking a closer look at the spec sheet, we see the CX400W has a lone 12V rail with a maximum output of 360W. You'll also find "extra long fully sleeved" cables, six Serial ATA connectors, six Molex connectors, and support for graphics cards with six- and eight-pin PCIe power connectors. Don't look for SLI support here, though.

Surprisingly for a newly released power supply, the CX400W is already in stock at Newegg. The e-tailer charges $60 for the unit and $11.43 for shipping.

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