1. NVIDIA licenses 3D technology to Microsoft
  2. Brian Hook leaves Verant: interview@Voodoo Extreme
  3. LostCircuits' followup: inside the EDDR chip
  4. PC STATS presents prototypes from Comdex
  5. Athlon.OC's hardware destruction competition
  6. Website du jour: Am I HOT or NOT?

  1. The Register on 'leaked' Intel CPU roadmap: P4 2GHz in Q2?
  2. IntelZone asks where is Intel's future?
  3. Technical Bytes on different CPUs for different operations
  4. Tom's Hardware Guide asks Pentium 4 - another recount?
  5. Glide Underground's review of Intel Pentium 200MHz
  6. EXHardware reviews Innovatek TD2 Athlon GFD

  1. x-bit labs reviews Iwill KA266-R ALi MAGiK 1 chipset
  2. VIAHardware reviews Transcend TS-APM3 VIA PM133 chipset
  3. AnandTech's motherboards in 2001 preview: part 2

  1. Tech Extreme reviews Creative Labs Annihilator 2 Ultra
  2. t-break reviews Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro
  3. HotHardware reviews Abit Siluro MX
  4. The Tech Zone reviews Chaintech Desperado RIA2 GF2 MX
Storage, cases, and cooling

  1. Gamers Depot reviews Quantum Atlas 10K 18GB Ultra160 SCSI
  2. CDRInfo reviews Sanyo CRD-BP4 / 1400P CDR-W
  3. Neoseeker reviews Antec SX830 full tower case
  4. project1GHz reviews 350W Sparkle power supply
  5. The Hardware Pub reviews GlobalWin FOP38

  1. Digit Life on the GPS system
  2. PCinsight reviews Casio Cassiopeia EM-500 PDA
  3. GamePC reviews Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Platinum 5.1
  4. SystemLogic reviews fUnc sUrface 1030 mousepad
  5. OC Online reviews mouse bungee
  6. LinuxLookup's shell prompt customization for Linux
  7. NomortaL's UT Deck16 strategy
  8. 3DGameGear previews Red Faction
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