Details seep out on Nvidia chipsets for 45nm Phenoms

The rumor mill has been grinding furiously on the topic of AMD's future 45nm Phenoms lately. Certain Asian sites have said some of these CPUs will go in new sockets, but we haven't heard much about the platforms that will accommodate them. Luckily, Expreview has learned some details about an upcoming Nvidia chipset that could fit that very purpose.

Dubbed MCP82, this chipset will supposedly be a direct successor to the MCP72 that powers nForce 780a and nForce 750a motherboards. Expreview mentions two flavors: the MCP82-S1 and MCP82-S2. The former will support three-way SLI configurations and feature 35 lanes of PCIe connectivity, while the latter will only support two-way SLI with 19 PCIe lanes. Both chipsets will also include DirectX 10 integrated graphics, Hybrid SLI capabilities, and support for the all-important Advanced Clock Calibration feature that can make mobos with AMD's SB750 south bridge such good overclockers. You can expect to see MCP82 chipsets in boards built for Socket AM2+ and "AM3" processors.

If Expreview has its facts straight, Nvidia has already started sending MCP82 samples off to its partners, and the chip will hit mass production in January 2009. According to previous reports, that's also when you can expect the first Socket AM3 Phenoms to show up. Those chips may run at up to 3GHz and require DDR3 memory.

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