Wind U120 netbook to have 3.5G connectivity

MSI is cooking up another addition to its netbook line: the Wind U120. At least, that's what DigiTimes says it has heard from sources in the notebook industry. The tiny laptop will reportedly come out in November and feature an integrated 3.5G connectivity module, which should allow it to hook up to cell phone networks for constant on-the-go Internet goodness.

Otherwise, the Wind U120 sounds like it won't try anything outlandish with its hardware and software. DigiTimes mentions a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, a 120GB (presumably mechanical) hard drive, and a pre-installed copy of Windows XP. You can expect the system to cost $18,000 TWD in Taiwan, which would peg U.S. pricing at $552—not cheap, but not bad considering the 3.5G aspect.

According to a Fudzilla news post from earlier this month, the Wind U120 will have a 10-inch display just like the existing Wind U100. Judging by the official-looking shots Fudzilla obtained, however, the machine will trade the U100's bubbly design for something a little sharper.

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