Apple: We outsold the BlackBerry last quarter

How did the iPhone 3G do in its first full quarter on the market? Pretty well, judging by Apple's latest financial report. As the Associated Press notes, Apple claims its new handset has outsold Research in Motion's popular BlackBerry line of phones.

Apple sold 6.9 million iPhone 3Gs in its fiscal quarter that ended on September 27. By contrast, the AP says RIM sold 6.1 million BlackBerry devices in the fiscal quarter that spanned June to August. That's not quite an, er, apples-to-apples comparison, but it does show the iPhone 3G displacing an established player in the market.

As an interesting side note, the iPhone 3G also beat all-time sales of the original iPhone, presumably thanks to its lower $199 (with contract) asking price. (Apple sold 6.1 million first-gen iPhones in total at prices ranging from $399 to $599.) The iPhone 3G's broader international presence likely helped, as well.

Wired says this achievement makes Apple the world's third-largest handset supplier in terms of revenue, behind Nokia and Samsung. Apple also set quarterly records by shipping 2.6 million Macs and 11.1 million iPods in the same three months.

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