Could Deus Ex 3 be a PC exclusive?

The number of PC-exclusive blockbusters has slowly whittled down since the advent of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and today, even traditionally PC-only developers like Valve are releasing games for all three platforms. It's therefore a little surprising to see a high-profile game developer mulling a PC-only release—yet that's just what Deus Ex 3 lead designer Jean-Francois Dugas has done in an interview with Edge.

Here's the relevant quote, which Edge has published as a teaser for the full interview in its next magazine issue:

At this point we don't know exactly which platforms we're going to be out on. The PC, we'll be there for sure. But for us, console-isation isn't about dumbing down features. If we're to go console we will want to keep the complexity alive. We want the menu interface and controller to feel simple without risking any of their potential.

If you'll recall, Eidos released Deus Ex: Invisible War simultaneously for the PC and Xbox, and some critics blasted the game for being more "dumbed down" than its predecessor. By comparison, the original Deus Ex came out for the PC first and made its way onto the PlayStation 2 almost two years later. Dugas told Edge he found Deus Ex "kind of slow" because "it was aimed more towards a simulation rather than a game experience."

So, could Deus Ex 3 be a PC exclusive? Dugas certainly raised that possibility, but as Chris Faylor from Shacknews points out, "It's a high-profile franchise that has always hit consoles in the past, using a console-friendly engine, and Eidos isn't exactly a PC-centric publisher." Either way, Dugas' statement suggests Eidos will pay more attention to the PC release.

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