Building a clean & sober Athlon box

Ryu Connor has lurked prominently in the comments here at TR for a while now, and now he's geared up for a full-blown article. The topic: putting together an Athlon system properly, with the right hardware tweaks and drivers to achieve True Stability. As with any modern PC, it ain't a trivial task, but Ryu's up to it:
Despite the appearance that I might be inexperienced in dealing with the Athlon platform, I think you will find the material that follows will show a meticulous and analytical approach that everyone can benefit from when dealing with computers. The initial scope of the article will deal with imparting upon the reader what I feel is a good work ethic for troubleshooting a system. It should also provide a series of steps, within reason, that should allow any Athlon owner—or any PC owner, for that matter—an easier time getting his system to operate as he expects.
Read up and wonder at the hard-core PC know-how he busts out to benefit us all.
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