New Walmart MP3 store has cross-platform support

In the face of heated competition from Amazon and Apple, Walmart looks to be working hard to make its new MP3 downloads store more compelling. The store chain has announced a "re-launched" version of the service with cheaper MP3 tracks and better cross-platform support.

As part of the re-launched MP3 Music Downloads store, Walmart says songs from its top-25 chart will now sell for just 74 cents per track. That's only good if you're into music from such quality artists as Rihanna, Nickelback, Coldplay, and "Flo Rida," though—other songs still sell for 94 cents a piece. Of course, even at 94 cents per MP3, Walmart undercuts the 99 cents Apple charges for copy-protected tracks on its iTunes Store.

Speaking of Apple, Walmart is now playing right on the Mac maker's home turf: the new-and-improved MP3 Music Downloads store works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari web browsers. Walmart boasts about having three million MP3-only tracks from "all major record labels," too.

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