Report: Foxconn might pull out of retail mobo market

The retail motherboard market could soon lose one of its players. Based on info from "sources at channel vendors in China," DigiTimes reports that Foxconn could soon stop selling motherboards under its own name. For the uninitiated, Foxconn makes boards (and all kinds of other products) for other firms on a contract basis, but it also has its own line of Foxconn-branded mobos—from the Intel X48 Express-based top-of-the-line to $20 bargain-bin models.

DigiTimes says Foxconn officially stated it has "heard nothing regarding the speculation." However, its sources think that's all part of the plan:

The sources commented that Foxconn recently told its sales department to stop taking orders for some motherboard models, and to stop gathering order volume forecasts for all new models, implying that the company is clearing out its inventory. The sources also added that Foxconn is making the adjustments with a very low profile and will not make an announcement since that could impact its inventory clearing.

To give you an idea of where Foxconn stands right now, DigiTimes says the company shipped more than 10 million branded mobos last year, while MSI shipped "around 18 million units, mostly branded." The bulk of Foxconn's motherboards seems to reside in the sub-$100 range, judging by Newegg's listings.

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