Enterprise Samsung SSDs hit production

Intel and Seagate aren't the only companies interested in pushing speedy solid-state drives in the enterprise market. Samsung says it has started mass-producing 2.5" 25GB and 50GB SSDs for "performance-optimized server applications such as video on demand, web serving and on-line transaction processing."

Just as Intel did with its X25-E Extreme SSDs, Samsung has based its new enterprise offerings on single-level-cell NAND flash technology. (Consumer SSDs tend to feature the cheaper but less durable multi-level-cell NAND variety.) The new drives can hit speeds of 100MB/s during sequential reads and 80MB/s for sequential writes, Samsung boasts, and they consume just 1.5W when active and 0.3W at idle.

Samsung sounds confident its new products can keep up with high-speed Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) mechanical hard drives, too. The company claims 25% lower power consumption and 100 times greater input/output operations per second (IOPS) rates than typical 2.5" 15,000-RPM hard drives. Look for these new SSDs worldwide "beginning this month."

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