Halloween Shortbread


  1. C|Net reports TSMC says PC chip shipments down 20 percent
  2. Channel Register reports Intel to build atomized Linux fortress in Taiwan
  3. Motorola eyes phone weakness, job cuts
  4. Sony recalls PC batteries
  5. Fudzilla reports new Mac Pros, iMacs, and Mac Mini soon
    and Nvidia MCP7A-GL motherboard shows up
  6. Yanko Design: world's largest mouse
  7. DailyTech reports Mitsubishi LaserVue HDTV now available
  8. Split-screen settlement for dueling TV viewers
  9. Tech ARP posts desktop CPU comparison guide rev. 6.0
  10. TweakTown's guide: watercooling made easy
  11. Ars Technica: High voltage or brownout? Ars checks out the Chevy Volt

  1. Ars@PDC: Windows 7's streamlined UAC
  2. Windows 7 DWM cuts memory consumption by 50%
  3. Windows 7 to scale to 256 processors
  4. BetaNews covers PDC 2008: Mike Nash answers your questions about Windows 7
  5. You've got Windows 7 questions, Ed Bott has answers
  6. TG Daily's slideshow: Windows 7 walkthrough
  7. SuperSite for Windows has Windows 7 preview part 4: apps, Internet, and devices
  8. Ars Technica's hands-on: Windows Media Player 12's surprising new features
  9. Microsoft drops more new codenames and adds Windows Mobile 6.5 to the roadmap
  10. Third Chrome beta due in days, Google says (download latest version here)
  11. Opera 9.62 released
  12. OpenOffice.org release 2.4.2 (English / German)
  13. NY Times reports antiviral 'scareware' just one more intruder (thanks p645n)
  14. ITreviewed on Comodo Registry Cleaner

  1. Electronic Arts lowers 2009 forecast, will cut jobs
  2. Shacknews reports EA not banning all game access for forum hijinks
  3. Liquidware: create your own open source game boy
  4. IGN reports GTA IV PC delayed until December; Saints Row 2 PC delayed to 2009
  5. Fallout 3 uses SecuRom only for disc check
  6. PCGH has Fallout 3: graphics setting compared
  7. Strategy Informer and Technic3D (in German) review Fallout 3
  8. DriverHeaven has Far Cry 2 performance starring XFX
  9. YouGamers review Far Cry 2
  10. Gaming Heaven on Resistance 2 (PS3)
  11. bit-tech interviews Alison Carroll, the new Lara Croft
Systems and networking

  1. HWBOX posts Nehalem benchmarks (write-up in Greek)
  2. VR-Zone asks, "Does Core i7 Hyper-Threading help?"
  3. AnandTech hosts the all-in-one battle: Dell's XPS One 24 vs. Apple's iMac
  4. Digital Trends has 13" Apple MacBook video review
  5. HardwareZone has Elites ahoy - hp EliteBooks and Color LaserJets
  6. Hardware Canucks and Motherboards.org review Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
  7. [H] Enthusiast reviews EVGA 790i SLI FTW
  8. Elite Bastards review Foxconn A7DA-S
  9. Modders-Inc reviews 4GB Patriot Extreme Performance Viper Series PC2-8500 kit
  10. ITreviewed on Linksys WRT610N dual-N wireless router

  1. Techgage reviews XFX GeForce GTX 260 Black Edition
  2. Guru3D reviews HIS HD 4870 X2 2GB
  3. Legit Reviews on Palit Radeon HD 4870 Sonic Dual Edition 512MB
  4. Hexus.net reviews Force3D Radeon HD 4870 Black Edition
  5. Hardware Secrets reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 4830
  6. bit-tech reviews HIS HD 4830 512MB
  7. TheTechLounge reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 512MB
  8. ProClockers and ThinkComputers review Sapphire
    Radeon HD 4650 512MB Overclock Edition
  9. [OC]ModShop reviews PowerColor X1600 Pro
  10. Overclockers Club reviews Asus My Cinema-PHC3-100 TV tuner card
  11. TestFreaks review InternetVue 2020 wireless PC2TV receiver
  12. HotHardware reviews Sprint HTC Touch Diamond smartphone
  13. Digital Trends reviews Samsung Highnote
  14. ThinkComputers reviews Vidabox premium wireless
    HTPC media center keyboard with laser trackball
  15. XSReviews on Keelog USB keylogger
  16. TechReviewSource on Garmin Nuvi 755T
  17. Big Bruin reviews Sumo Lounge SumoSac Sultan beanbag chair
Power and casing

  1. eXtreme power supply calculator update
  2. InsideHW reviews 900W & 1100W Cooler Master UCP PSUs
  3. Björn3D reviews SilverPower SP-S850 PSU
  4. Futurelooks, MetkuMods, and ProClockers review Antec Skeleton open air case
  5. bit-tech's Cooler Master CTS 840 chassis review and mod of the month for October
  6. Björn3D reviews Eagle Tech ET-CS2LSU2-BK 2.5" SATA to USB enclosure
  7. CowcotLand's review of 17 external HDD enclosures (in French)
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