Asus prepares $200 Eee PCs for next year

The cheapest Eee PC you can buy today costs around $250, and that's already pretty inexpensive for a netbook. However, Asus expects to sell Eee PCs for only $200 apiece next year. DigiTimes says the news comes straight from Asus CEO Jerry Shen, who also noted that Asus has "adjusted its mid-range and entry-level Eee PC's pricing and market position."

The company revealed other interesting tidbits about its netbook line as part of its latest financial report, too. Eee PCs with mechanical hard drives account for 70% of Asus' shipments, while flash-based Eees make up the remaining 30%. The ratio of Eee PCs with Windows XP to their Linux-toting counterparts looks identical, with Windows-powered systems outselling the rest 7:3. Stranger yet, Europe and the Asia Pacific area together made up a whopping 89% of Asus' overall revenue in the third quarter—according to DigiTimes' write-up, anyway.

Last, but not least, netbooks with tiny displays may soon be a thing of the past. Shen predicted that Eee PCs with 7" and 8.9" panels will "slowly phase out of the market" to leave room for 10" models. Considering you can get a 10" Eee for only $430 these days, that's not completely surprising. Asus seems a tad unlikely to strap a 10" display to the aforementioned $200 machine, though.

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