Atom had big impact on CPU shipments last quarter

When Intel reported its financial results last month, it wrote that Atom processor sales only accounted for a small fraction of its revenue. That said, TG Daily quotes numbers from market research firm IDC that suggest the Atom is nonetheless having a drastic impact on the overall x86 processor market.

IDC's numbers reportedly peg global x86 CPU unit growth at around 15.8% from the third quarter of 2007 and Q3 2008. Take out Atom shipments, and growth added up to a much less impressive 8.7%. Because Atom processors are very cheap, TG Daily also points out that global x86 revenue growth was a lot lower—only 4.1% overall.

The same market research firm has put together some market share numbers, as well. Intel's overall market share reached 80.8% in the third quarter, IDC says, while AMD's reached 18.5%, and Via secured about 0.6%. Both Intel and Via did considerably better in the mobile space: the former's share grew to 87.4%, while VIA's inched up to 1.2%. AMD had the remaining 11.5%.

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