$1,600 Herman Miller chair reviewed

Almost a month ago, we noticed that Herman Miller had launched the successor to its famous Aeron chair. While it’s the brainchild of the same creator (Bill Stumpf), the new Embody chair looks nothing like its predecessor, trading the signature 1990s look for a retro-1970s design with a trapezoid-shaped back.

Jason Chen over at Gizmodo has evidently acquired the new chair, and he’s posted a quick review with plenty of high-resolution photos showing the Embody from every angle. His verdict?

[It] is the most comfortable chair we’ve ever sat in. You can adjust the amount of recline, the tension of the recline, your seat depth, your back curvature, your armrest positioning and how high the seat is. But you can do this on many other chairs. What makes this one special—and more comfortable—is that the backrest has individual supports. Think of a Simmons mattresses with individual coils; this adjusts and supports whatever contortions you’re putting your spine through in your daily routine of reading Gizmodo.

On the flip side, the Embody is “really, really heavy,” and it’s not exactly the kind of contraption you might get as an impulse buy at Ikea—Herman Miller sets the retail price at an eye-popping $1,600. Chen concludes that you should probably only consider one of these if you “work at home in front of your computer for 12+ hours a day.” He also notes that Steelcase’s Think and Humanscale’s Freedom chairs might be worthy alternatives. They’re cheaper, at least.

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