Steam Cloud to debut with Left 4 Dead

Valve's Steam Cloud service will go online hand-in-hand with the upcoming co-op zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, Shacknews reports. As we wrote earlier this year, Steam Cloud will be able to store in-game settings and saves "in the cloud" for easy access from any system (and for backup purposes, in case your gaming rig's hard drive bites the dust).

Shacknews says the initial Steam Cloud release will remember Left 4 Dead's keyboard, mouse, and controller configuration, as well as multiplayer settings and spraypaint images—hey, "lolcats" and poorly crafted clan logos are integral parts of any Source-based multiplayer experience. Steam Cloud actually won't store Left 4 Dead saved games in its first iteration, although that feature "is coming."

Last, but certainly not least, Shacknews points out that Valve "will apply the technology to its back catalog of Steam games and provide the free Steam Cloud toolset to all Steam developers and publishers for widespread implementation." The company promised to make Steam Cloud freely available to third-party developers back in late May.

Look for Left 4 Dead on Steam and store shelves on November 18. A demo should come out some time before then, and in the meantime, you can head over to Shackvideo and watch the four-minute-long intro video.

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