AT&T to set bandwidth usage quotas in Reno

Bandwidth usage quotas seem to be taking cable and DSL providers by storm lately, with Comcast recently establishing a 250GB monthly limit for all residential users, and Time Warner Cable testing tier-based caps in Texas. Now, Broadband Reports says AT&T will begin similar trials in Reno, Nevada this month.

As the story goes, AT&T will apply monthly quotas ranging from 20GB to 150GB depending on customers’ speed tiers. Presumably, users of the company’s slowest 768Kbps service will get the lowest cap, and those with the 6Mbps service will be able to download up to 150GB per month without problems. Broadband Reports says customers will receive "some kind of automated alert" when they reach 80% of their quota, and they’ll receive another notice when they go over. Folks will apparently get off scot-free the first time, but AT&T mulls charging repeat offenders an additional $1 per extra gigabyte.

New customers should get a written notice when the trial kicks off, and those who don’t want to participate will be able to cancel their service "without an early termination penalty." However, Broadband Reports says AT&T intends to establish a 150GB quota for existing customers later this year, and it might set up a similar trial in another area by the end of this year.

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