Nvidia, Via scrapped plans for a mobile platform?

Back in early April, Nvidia revealed that it was cooking up a chipset to accompany Via’s next-generation Nano processor (then known by its code-name, Isaiah). The plan made perfect sense: by bolstering Via’s Nano with a competent integrated graphics solution, Nvidia could take market share away from Intel’s Atom without competing in the processor arena directly.

Now, rumor sites are saying Nvidia was simply using the promise of a Nano platform as a bargaining chip in negotiations with Intel. If Intel agreed to let Nvidia make chipsets for the Atom, the graphics firm would scrap its Nano platform plans.

Now, DigiTimes reports that Nvidia and Via have suspended their cooperation on a Nano platform for netbooks. This story has us scratching our heads a little, because it talks about mobile offerings—Nvidia explicitly showed pictures of a Mini-ITX desktop motherboard in April. Allegedly, Nvidia and Via also struck a deal to pair C7 and Nano processors with MCP79 integrated graphics chipsets in April, but Via insiders now claim that plan has fallen through.

Nevertheless, DigiTimes writes that the two companies still have plans to “showcase co-developed desktop PC products” at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January. That means the original Mini-ITX platform may still be on track, even if you probably shouldn’t look forward to Nano-based netbooks with Nvidia graphics.

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