Use your illusion

MS (not Microsoft) must be a prophet. No sooner are the [H]ard|OCP opus and the LostCircuits sequel published come the wing-tipped shoes of Unigen's press release.
FREMONT, Calif., Nov 30, 2000-- Unigen, a leader in the design and manufacture of memory products, today announced the introduction of a new 1 Gigabyte PC133 stacked SDRAM DIMM with register and PLL (part no. UG5128T75Q4LR-PL). The new 1 GB module replaces Unigen's 512 MB module, now offering twice the system memory in the same slot without requiring major changes to the system architecture. The new plug-n-play module is ideal for use with the new generation of Internet servers that employ a large amount of memory to handle heavier user traffic, multi-tasking, and greater demand for downloads.
Could 'stacked' SDRAM be something akin to embedded SRAM? Must be an X-File. Why fight the future when you can create it? Legacy Electronics gives you the traditional with their 1GHz PC133 memory module. Mmm, works with ServerWorks chipsets.
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