Sunday Shortbread


  1. Microsoft CEO Ballmer: No on WebKit, yes on app store
  2. Fudzilla on what Intel / AMD think about Shanghai
  3. Hardware-Infos: Core i7 920 listed for 309 Euros (write-up in German)
  4. New Hotmail angers some users
  5. NY Times Saturday interview has Google at 10: searching its own soul
  6. bit-tech: MSI's Master Overclocking Arena starts tomorrow
  7. Can you solve this Microsoft puzzle?
  8. United Features realizes that setting comics free online makes sense
Software and gaming

  1. PC Magazine reports tool to crack Wi-Fi's WPA will appear next week
  2. Tech ARP posts the latest Microsoft Windows 7 roadmap
  3. DailyTech reports Microsoft talks location with Windows 7
  4. Feedback for newly released Creative SB X-Fi and
    X-Fi Platinum Linux 32-bit & 64-bit driver source
  5. MacNN reports Shockware now compatible with Intel Macs
  6. Worst. Bug. Ever. (Google Android bug editorial)
  7. Gamasutra covers Future Play 2008: Daglow talks game industry myths
  8. Brookhaven honors a pioneer video game
  9. Shacknews on video games to be released next week
  10. Popular Mechanics on how Gears of War 2 raises the bar for military simulators
  11. DLC - Battlefield: Bad Company Community Choice Pack (free)
  12. bit-tech shares Left 4 Dead first impressions
  13. SuperSite for Windows reviews Gears of War 2

  1. HardwareZone stages the duel of the Eee PCs: S101 vs. 1000H
  2. DragonSteelMods review 16GB DataTraveler (DT400) 400
  3. Benchmark Reviews on Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2
  4. Overclock3D reviews HIS Radeon HD 4670, 4830 & 4850
  5. t-break reviews ECS Hydra 9800 GTX+
  6. Phoronix reviews Sparkle GeForce 9500 GT 1GB
  7. TestFreaks review Radius Atomic Bass aluminum earphones
  8. Björn3D reviews NZXT Guardian 921 case
  9. InsideHW reviews Cooler Master NotePal X1
  10. DragonSteelMods review PC Add-A-Fan Model 120
  11. ThinkComputers reviews Thermaltake RamOrb
  12. Björn3D reviews Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo
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