No new Dell MP3 players coming this year

Despite some of the things we heard this summer, Dell may hold off on resuming its battle with the iPod. eWeek says the Wall Street Journal has learned that Dell postponed an upcoming mini MP3 player until after the holidays.

As we wrote in July, the WSJ said Dell had been quietly testing the new player for several months and might unveil it as early as September. The unnamed device was supposed to cost less than $100 and feature Wi-Fi connectivity. eWeek also mentions that the player should be based on Dell's Zing software, which has to do with wireless music downloads and Internet radio streaming. Current Zing devices include SanDisk's Sansa Connect and the Sirius Stiletto 2.

Dell already tried and failed to woo customers with iPod-like digital music players a few years back. The PC maker rolled out its first 15GB and 20GB Digital Jukebox players in 2003, and it ended up discontinuing its last music player (the flash-based "DJ Ditty") in August 2006. Maybe it'll finally get the formula right by the time everybody's switched to music-playing cell phones.

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