Deal of the week: Cheap RAM and a 24-inch widescreen

We have a pair of deals for you this week. A month ago, we featured a 4GB Kingston DDR2-800 memory kit with a CAS latency of 5 that was selling for $58. Well, Newegg now has the exact same kit listed for just $46. That's a ~20% price drop, which is pretty considerable seeing how low memory prices are already. At $11.5 per gigabyte, it becomes hard to justify not making jump to 4GB.

Of course, many of you already have 4GB kits sweating away inside your PCs, and you'll be looking for another upgrade. You're in luck: we've noticed that Dell is running a 25%-off deal on its UltraSharp 2408WFP display, bringing it down to a tantalizing $517. The first revision of this monitor had a few rough edges (to say the least), but one of our editors has grabbed a pair of the new, revision-A01 2408WFPs, and he's quite happy with them.

We should point out that the UltraSharp 2408WFP is one of the few remaining displays to use PVA panel technology instead of TN, so it has superior viewing angles and color reproduction compared to cheaper alternatives. And thanks to its plethora of inputs (including DisplayPort, HDMI, and component), you should be able to plug just about anything into it.

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