Tim Sweeney on programming language design

Tim Sweeney, principal architect of the Unreal engine and real-time 3D programmer extraordinaire, has written up some of his thoughts on programming language design. There's much of interest in this little discourse, including a little rant at the very end about the rate of progress in widely used languages:
I'd like to end this update with a rant, based on the observation that mainstream programming languages, C++ and Java, are dismally far behind the state-of-the-art. The theoretical underpinnings of these languages were all set in stone in the late 1960's, before I was even born!

Compare this state of affairs too advances in microprocessor technology, where time-to-market is under 5 years; or games and 3D hardware, where there is less than 24 months of lag between "great new idea" and "product on store shelves".

Thanks to VE for pointing this one out.
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