Dual-core 45nm Athlons set for June 2009?

Look at the client roadmap AMD revealed to the public last week, and you might get the impression that the company has no plans for dual-core Phenom derivatives. Judging by several slides Chinese site IT168 has gleaned from another presentation, however, those chips are very much part of AMD's roadmap.

One of the slides entitled, "45nm Consumer Desktop Processor Series," lists five different CPUs. At the bottom lies an entry for an Athlon X2 200 chip series with two cores, 2MB of cache per chip, and clock speeds greater than 2.8GHz. These Athlon X2 200 offerings will be based on a Regor design, and they'll come out in June 2009. Neither the slides nor IT168 specify whether Regor is derived from the same architecture as 45nm Phenoms, but the star-related code name suggests so.

The same slide contains another surprise, too: AMD will apparently release Phenom II derivatives without L3 cache under new Athlon X4 600 and Athlon X3 400 series. Athlon X4 600 models will be based on the Propus core and feature 2MB of cache—presumably 512KB per core—per chip, which sounds a lot like the Propos core AMD discussed in its public presentation. Perhaps that was a typo and AMD really did mean "Propus."

IT168's other slides talk of Athlon X2 7000 series processors coming out before the end of the year, although they don't tell us exactly what to expect. (The naming scheme suggests higher clock speeds, but these could as well be 65nm Phenom derivatives.) Oh, and incidentally, the slides echo the specifications, launch schedules, and product names we heard yesterday about future 45nm Phenoms.

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