New Asetek LCLC liquid cooler supports the Core i7

What's better than blowing your savings on a top-of-the-line PC? Blowing your savings on a top-of-the-line PC that has fancy liquid cooling, of course. Asetek has introduced a new self-contained LCLC cooler that supports Intel's new Core i7 processors.

Maybe thrill-seekers will want to shop for less user-friendly solutions, but they might nonetheless enjoy the LCLC cooler's perks. Asetek claims the self-contained unit lowers Core i7 processor temperatures "by often over 7 degrees Celsius," all the while being "completely silent." Well, completely silent except for the 30dBA cooling fan that needs to be strapped to the heat exchange module.

Since it's targeting this product at no-nonsense PC builders, Asetek notes that it stress-tests the LCLC to ensure a 50,000-hour life time "with no end-user maintenance required." (50,000 hours works out to just under six years, in case you're wondering.) LCLC coolers are even sealed at the factory, ensuring you probably couldn't do any maintenance even if you wanted to.

Core i7-compatible LCLC coolers are available immediately, Asetek says. You can probably expect to see LCLC-cooled Core i7 PCs in the near future from existing Asetek partners like HP, Acer, Cyberpower, and others. We wouldn't be surprised to see the new LCLC make its way into retail listings like its LGA775 predecessors, either.

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