ARCHOS' MP3 & hard drive debutante

— 7:51 AM on December 3, 2000

Speaking of convergence and digital entertainment boxes, let's dish about this new MP3 unit. Introducing the ARCHOS Jukebox 6000:

150 CDs in the palm of your hand.
Enjoy over 100 hours of CD-quality music from the Archos Jukebox 6000 MP3 Player/USB Hard Drive.
Merge your entire collection of MP3s and CDs into one compact, portable device, and you’ll never have to scramble for your favorite tunes.

With its massive 6GB storage capacity, the Jukebox 6000 an amazingly large collection – the equivalency of over 150 CDs!
In addition, the Jukebox 6000 is a fully functioning USB Hard Drive. With its hot swappable, plug-and-play, USB connection, you can conveniently store all your personal files, along with all your favorite music selections.

Something akin to the "Espresso PC" and oh, so stylish. Fits snugly inside your stocking stuffer. Otherwise, it'll cost you $349. Multimedia devices like Microsoft's "Tablet PC" are beginning to redefine what we consider to be a traditional "PC." This editorial from Jon Peddie Associates considers what this means for the industry:
The older determining factors just aren't going to work anymore. VIA tells us their processor's on the horizon, the SOC named Matthew that will enable VIA's customers to build computers that sell for $200 or less. A variety of devices with their PC guts or x86 processors will be capable of PC tasks but because they were designed for other functions - entertainment, games, telephones, GPS, DVD - they won't have the applications. Indeed, talk of the PC industry maturing is a little misleading. Rather, the PC industry is mutating and getting new names. When the semiconductor industry predicts 22% growth for next year, it's not talking about an industry outside the computer industry, it's talking about an industry spawned by the PC industry. It all just keeps growing. Let's hope the stock market figures that out pretty soon.
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