MSI has three all-in-one nettops lined up

Asus isn't the only company cooking up a cheap, iMac-like "nettop" system based on the Atom processor. Engadget Chinese has posted photos and specifications of three similar MSI all-in-one PCs that will show up early next year.

All part of a new Neton lineup, the MSI desktops will be available in the following configurations: a $400 M16 model with a 15.6" 1366x768 display, a $500 M19 with an 18.5" display (and the same resolution), and a $799 M22 model with a 22" 1920x1080 display and an integrated Blu-ray player. The M16 will apparently house components in a little flat base under the display, while the M19 will be distinctly more iMac-like. The M22 will presumably take after the latter, although Engadget Chinese doesn't show any pictures of it.

All three machines will reportedly be available with single or dual-core Intel Atom CPUs and either Windows XP or Windows Vista. Oh, and it looks like MSI will offer TV cards and touch screens as standard. Expect the M19 to show up first in January 2009, with the M16 to follow in February and the M22 to arrive last in March.

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