Microsoft adjusts Zune pricing, undercuts Apple

If you need a new MP3 player this Christmas and Apple's "Get a Mac" ads have rubbed you the wrong way, good news: you should be able to grab one of the flash-based Microsoft Zune players for less than usual.

Zune Insider reports that Microsoft has trimmed pricing for the Zune 4GB, Zune 8GB, and Zune 16GB in preparation for the holidays. The lowest-capacity device is down from $130 to $100, while the 8GB model has dropped $10 to $140, and the 16GB device is now $180 instead of $200. Oh, and the people in Redmond have also adjusted prices for Zune accessories including the Car Pack, Home/AV Pack, and Dock Pack, which are all down $10-20.

These aren't huge cuts by any means, but they do make the 8GB and 16GB players slightly cheaper than the Apple equivalents—perhaps by enough to sway some holiday season shoppers. Apple sells its 8GB iPod nano for $149 and the 16GB model for $199, if you were wondering.

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