PC market to grow less than expected in 2009, 2010

The financial crisis may end up having a greater impact on the PC market than some previously believed. Market research firm iSuppli says it has revised its outlook for 2009 and 2010, cutting forecast growth by almost two thirds for next year.

Last quarter, iSuppli expected the PC market to grow by 11.9% in 2009 and by 9.4% the year after. The firm now claims growth will only amount to 4.3% in 2009 and 7.1% in 2010. To put things in perspective, per-annum growth has hovered around 10% for the past five years—and 2008 should become the sixth, since iSuppli predicts 13% growth.

Desktop PCs may be the hardest hit next year: the firm forecasts a 5% drop in shipments. Notebooks should manage to grow by 15%, although much of that will reportedly originate from affordable netbooks rather than full-blown laptops. iSuppli explains, "Real issues—such as difficulties in paying staff, or making rising mortgage payments—[are] affecting businesses as well as consumers. . . . In light of such financial issues, the task of refreshing or acquiring new IT equipment has taken a back seat."

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