15 current Asus boards support Socket AM3 CPUs

Asus has announced that 15 of its current Socket AM2+ motherboards will happily accommodate AMD's upcoming wave of Socket AM3 processors. According to the motherboard maker's press release, AM3 processors will work in M3A, M3N, and M2N series mobos with AMD 700-series, GeForce 8200, and GeForce 7050 chipsets—all you'll need is a "simple BIOS update."

The press release says AM3 processors will be based on 45nm process technology, and they will feature DDR3 memory support as well as "C1E halt states for advanced power savings." Since all of these motherboards have DDR2 DIMM slots, we assume the memory controllers in AM3 CPUs will actually be compatible with both memory types.

Evidently, this announcement also confirms rumors that AM3 processors will be pin-compatible with their AM2 brethren. The latest news from the rumor mill hints that 45nm Socket AM3 processors will arrive in February 2009, roughly a month after the launch of Socket AM2+ 45nm Phenoms at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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