BFG offers free PCIe graphics cards to AGP users

For years after motherboards first started donning PCI Express slots, graphics card vendors continued to cater to technophobes (and broke college students) by offering AGP cards. Now, one of those companies is encouraging late adopters finally to make the switch.

BFG has dropped us a line saying it's offering free upgrades to users of its AGP graphics cards. The offer is only available in the U.S. and for a "limited time," and participants will need to send back a "BFG AGP card in good, working condition." The upgrade choices seem tantalizing, though: someone with an old GeForce 6800 GS or 7800 GS could get a free upgrade to a GeForce 9600 GT OC 512MB. For a nominal fee of $50, BFG will send that same user a GeForce 9800 GT OC 512MB.

Check out the upgrade offer page for a list of eligible cards and instructions. As BFG itself notes, however, the upgrade process may not be particularly straightforward: the user will presumably have to do without their discrete GPU for a while, buy a new motherboard, and presumably acquire processor and memory upgrades, as well.

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