TR reviews Abit's KT7 series motherboards

If you're looking to build a computer this Christmas, it's clear AMD's Athlon and Duron processors can't be beat for price and performance. And if you're looking for a motherboard to house either of these processors, there are only a few choices worthy of consideration, because most Socket A boards won't do overclocking easily. Not so with Abit's KT7 series, which has risen to the top of its class by virtue of its software-based multiplier control, hardware-based RAID, and all-around Abit-style goodness.

Somehow, Abit's Socket A gem managed to evade review here at TR for a good while, but Dissonance captured one after it crossed the border into Canada. Good thing, too, since he's written up a full review of the Abit KT7 series motherboards for your perusal. Despite some eco-weenie rhetoric about the board's printed manual, the review came out fine. Read up and see why the KT7 gets TR's recommendation for the holiday buying season.

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