Gigabyte, MSI have early Socket AM3 support, too

Asus isn't the only company to preemptively support Socket AM3 processors in its current motherboards. MSI has put up a similar list of 26 motherboards that can accommodate the upcoming processors through BIOS updates, and Gigabyte says 24 of its boards can do the same.

Like the Asus boards, most of the MSI mobos are based on AMD's 700-series and Nvidia's GeForce 8200 chipsets. However, MSI will also support Socket AM3 Phenom IIs in three mobos based on Nvidia's nForce 780a and 750a SLI: the K9N2 Diamond, K9N2 SLI Platinum, and K9N2 Zilent. Gigabyte has AM3 support in one 750a SLI board, too, but the vast majority of its other AM3-capable offerings have AMD 700-series chipsets.

Incidentally, MSI echoes the rumor that 45nm Phenom IIs will run at up to 3GHz with 125W thermal envelopes. The company also claims "many users" expect the chips to launch before the end of the year, although AMD itself has said it will introduce the Phenom II in early January—and the rumor mill suggests Socket AM3 Phenom IIs with DDR3 memory support won't actually show up until the following month. (Thanks to TR reader Mark for the tip.)

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