Overclocker uses liquid nitrogen with... Wind netbook

Do you own a netbook? Does the performance of Intel's Atom processor sometimes disappoint you? Then you could follow the example of XtremeSystems forum member youngpro, who ripped out his MSI Wind U100's motherboard, strapped it to a liquid nitrogen cooler, and started overclocking.

Youngpro says his Atom N270 maxed out at 2.32GHz, and he even has a screenshot of the chip hitting 2.39GHz with Hyper-Threading enabled—a healthy jump up from the stock 1.6GHz. Then again, that apparently involved running the CPU below 0°C, so it might be a tad difficult to reproduce within the confines of a netbook enclosure.

You don't need liquid nitrogen to overclock an MSI Wind in the first place, though. Thanks to the latest BIOS, users have been able to crank up the Atom CPU's clock speed near the 2GHz mark without ripping out the motherboard or using exotic cooling. MSI even implemented function key shortcuts to activate overclocking settings, although you'll need to stay hooked up to AC power to use them.

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