SE takes on the Itanium

SharkyExtreme has an excellent technology guide for Intel's upcoming Itanium processor. Though aimed squarely at the enterprise and server market for at least the next two years, Itanium already has me drooling. Hey, at least EPIC has a much better ring to it than NetBurst.
The first generation of Itanium systems, using the 460GX chipset, will be expandable with up to 64GB of memory. Generations beyond that will be able to take more memory. Higher end Itanium systems designed by the likes of SGI, IBM and HP should eventually be able to take far more than 64GB. While it may be hard to imagine 4GB or even 64GB of memory being a bottleneck to performance, when you consider SGI has mentioned plans to eventually build machines using 512 Itanium processors accessing more than a terabyte of data in main memory, 64GB of memory, let alone 4GB, begins to look rather small.
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