Report: Intel reconsiders the appeal of netbooks

Considering the success of its Atom processor, you'd think Intel would be a little more enthusiastic about netbooks. However, CNet News reports that Intel Sales and Marketing VP Stu Pann made some puzzling comments at a recent conference in New York:

"We originally thought Netbooks would be for emerging markets and younger kids, and there is some of that. It turns out the bulk of the Netbooks sold today are Western Europe, North America, and for people who just want to grab and go with a notebook," Pann said. "We view the Netbook as mostly incremental to our total available market," he added.

And the most revealing statement? "If you've ever used a Netbook and used a 10-inch screen size--it's fine for an hour. It's not something you're going to use day in and day out."

CNet News says this last comment partially echoes AMD's take on the subject—AMD notebook marketing chief Bahr Mahony reportedly said earlier this month that "a fair number of people" aren't satisfied with what they're getting out of netbooks. AMD does plan low-power chips for ultraportables and larger netbooks, but it expressed a disinterest in compromising users' computing experiences in order to reach smaller form factors.

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