Driver shows glimpses of new Nvidia naming scheme

Perhaps the rumors were right. VR-Zone has uncovered evidence that Nvidia will offer cards based on its existing G9x graphics processors under a new naming scheme. Allegedly, recent ForceWare graphics drivers include a list of G9x-powered cards with new product names akin to those of the GeForce GTX 200 series.

According to the list, a "GeForce GTX 150" will have the same G92 GPU that's used in GeForce 9800-series desktop cards today—although VR-Zone doesn't say whether Nvidia will re-brand existing offerings or simply introduce a new card. The same goes for the G94 GPU, which will apparently go from the GeForce 9600 GT into a "GeForce GT 130."

Nvidia might have similar plans in its mobile lineup, too: the list mentions a GeForce GTX 180M based on the G92, as well as GeForce GT 130M and G 110M GPUs based on the G96. Today, the G92 shows up in mobile GeForce 9800M offerings, while the G96 powers the GeForce 9600M series.

A previous report said the new naming scheme will come in full force before the end of the year, and it will apply only to cards with 55nm GPUs.

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