Report: Windows market share dips below 90%

Less than 90% of the world’s computers ran Windows last month, according to Net Applications market share data quoted by TG Daily—and that’s possibly a first since the early 1990s.

The Net Applications numbers reportedly say Windows secured 89.6% of the global PC market in November, down from 92.4% a year before, 94.2% in November 2006, and 96.4% in October 2004. In fact, TG Daily goes so far as to claim this year’s 2.8-point share drop is the greatest “in the operating system’s 23-year history.” Yikes.

This latest slip left Mac OS X with an 8.87% slice of the market. That’s up just over two points from a year ago and nearly threefold compared to OS X’s 2004 share, which worked out to a puny 3.2%. Net Applications’ numbers still pin Linux under the 1% threshold at 0.83%, up from 0.57% in November of 2007.

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