55nm GeForce GTX graphics cards coming in January?

Months after rumor sites first discussed a 55nm die-shrink of Nvidia's mighty GT200 graphics processor, a Chinese website has managed to get a picture of it. Well, to be fair, Expreview's photo actually seems to shows the same heat spreader that covers existing, 65nm GT200s—but there are some differences.

For one, the model number etched on the metal says G200-103-B2 instead of G200-103-A2, the "B" supposedly indicating a 55nm shrink. That sounds plausible enough, considering how Nvidia named its 55nm G92b GPU. Another code reads "0833B2," reportedly an indicator that the chip was manufactured in the 33rd week of this year (or mid-August).

Heat spreaders are easy to Photoshop, of course, but Expreview insists that GeForce GTX cards with 55nm GPUs will be out as early as next month. The site expects a 55nm GeForce GTX 260 with the same specifications as the current "reloaded" card, a 55nm variant of the GTX 280, and a dual-GPU GeForce GTX 260 GX2. The new 55nm GTX 260 should quietly cohabitate with its 65nm predecessor.

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