Nvidia intros a cheaper GT200-derived Quadro FX

There's a new option for CAD junkies and other professional users. Nvidia has unveiled the Quadro FX 4800, a workstation graphics card that looks like a derivative of the original GeForce GTX 260—except with a much higher price tag and extra goodies.

The FX 4800 has 192 stream processors, a plain dual-slot cooler, two DisplayPort outputs, and one dual-link DVI connector. Nvidia clearly tuned this card's internals for the professional crowd, too: it has 1.5GB of RAM with 76.8GB/s of bandwidth (that should pin the memory speed at 686MHz if Nvidia stuck with a 448-bit interface), not to mention a 128-bit graphics pipeline and support for dual 10-bit displays.

The whole package carries a 150W power envelope and a $1,999 price tag. That's considerably cheaper than Nvidia's recently announced Quadro FX 5800, which has 240 stream processors, 4GB of RAM, and an eye-popping $3,499 MSRP.

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