Poll: How will the Phenom II do against the competition?

Now that we've taken a look at the performance of AMD's 45nm Opterons, we can better guess how upcoming Phenom II processors will do against Intel's Core i7 processors—not too well. The dice haven't been cast yet, however, and AMD could still get Phenom IIs to perform unexpectedly well by raising clock speeds and tapping into fast DDR3 memory.

For our latest poll, we're asking for your predictions: do you think the Phenom II will manage to match (or somehow beat) Core i7 processors, or do you think it'll be stuck in the same playing field as Intel's previous-gen 45nm Core 2 Quad processors? Could it fail to catch up even 45nm Core 2 processors entirely? Feel free to cast your vote either below or on the front page.

The subject of our previous poll was, "At what clock speed does your main PC's CPU run?" Quite surprisingly, the option that got the most votes (29%) was 3.0-3.49GHz. The second-most popular speed range was 2.0-2.49GHz (with 28% of votes), followed by 2.5-2.99GHz (with 23%). That covers 80% of voters right there. As for the rest, the number of votes seem to decrease almost symmetrically below 2GHz and above 3.49GHz.

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