OCZ unveils eSATA flash drive

Wouldn't it be nice if USB thumb drives were faster? OCZ may have sought to address that question when designing the Throttle eSATA Flash Drive, because it says this new thumb drive features an external Serial ATA connection that can greatly increase transfer speeds.

Reportedly, the Throttle eSATA Flash Drive can reach 90MB/s while reading and 30MB/s while writing, which is comfortably above what USB 2.0 can achieve. (The theoretical maximum for USB 2.0 devices is 480Mbps, or 60MB/s.) Whether the Throttle eSATA can actually reach those speeds in day-to-day use is another story, though, since OCZ only mentions maximum speeds.

Expect Throttle eSATA drives to show up in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB flavors. You should be able to plug these into either a proper eSATA port or a motherboard's internal SATA port. Users faced with eSATA-less systems can also use the drive's auxiliary USB connector "for ultimate flexibility." OCZ doesn't specify whether you need to use the USB cable to power the device as with previous eSATA thumb drive concepts, though.

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