Netbooks might put a dent in AMD's mobile market share

AMD may not see its share of the global notebook market increase next year. Citing sources at PC makers, DigiTimes predicts that the growing popularity of netbooks based on Intel's Atom processor will push AMD's global notebook market share from "the current 12-13%" to less than 10%.

As you might recall, AMD recently revealed plans to launch a Conesus processor aimed at ultraportables and high-end netbooks in 2009, but it stressed an unwillingness to aim for the same low power envelopes and performance as Intel's Atom processor.

DigiTimes' sources expect AMD to target netbooks more actively than it officially admitted. However, considering the Atom's attractive pricing and the cost of a platform change, the site predicts first-tier PC vendors will likely snub AMD's competing offerings.

Market research firm IDC reported a month ago that the Atom contributed massively to processor shipment growth last quarter, so AMD indeed seems likely to lose mobile market share if it doesn't compete successfully. That said, Atom CPUs are very cheap, and IDC's market revenue numbers suggest AMD's dollar share might not fall a whole lot in that case.

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